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Poultry Cage CE Welded Wire Mesh Machine

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Type:Fully Automatic 2-3.5mm Poultry Cage Welded Wire Mesh MachineWire Diameter Range:2-3.5mm
Voltage:Can Be CustomizedKey Selling Points:Fully Automatic
Color:Can Be CustomizedLead Time:15 Days
Welding Method:Mechanical Push DownAutomation Degree:Full Automatic
Certification:CE ISOProducton Capacity:100 Sets/Month
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2mm welded wire mesh machine3.5mm automatic wire mesh welding machinece welded wire mesh machine fullyautomatic

Fully Automatic 2-3.5mm Poultry Cage Welded Wire Mesh Machine
Prepare the equipment required for power lines, control lines and waterways.The machine requires an AC 380V three-phase power supply, allowing voltage fluctuations of + 10%~ -10%.Voltage beyond the above range may cause the equipment to not operate properly or damage.
The cables introducing the electric cabinet shall be neatly arranged, clearly numbered, avoid crossing, and shall be firmly fixed without making the connected terminal row subjected to mechanical stress; the armored cable shall cut the steel belt, the end shall be tightened and the steel belt shall be grounded; the rubber insulated core line shall be protected by coat insulation pipe.After installation of cable pipes, they should be blocked, and measures should be taken to prevent water in the pipe.Electric control cabinet, welding host, servo motor and water pump shall be reliably grounded.Connect all electrical components according to the electrical wiring diagram, and check strictly to ensure circuit safety.


1Welding machine1SETMechanical
2Long wire straightening device1SET
3Cross wire feeding in coil device1SET
4Servo traction device1SET
5Mesh flatting device1SET
6Cutting to length device1SET
7Servo control system1SET
8spare part case1PCS
9Equipment operation and maintenance manual1COPY


This device of Galvanized Breed Aquatics Welded Wire Mesh Machine can drag finished meshes so that meshes can be cut and stacked smoothly. It is also the necessary part in the whole line.
Galvanized Breed Aquatics Welded Wire Mesh Machine Mesh traction adopts brand CNC servo system control.
Traction device is equipped with pneumatic clamping bodies, it can tight grip the cross wire when mesh traction, which effectively improve the accuracy of the mesh.
Using the gear and the rack drive, the Galvanized Breed Aquatics Welded Wire Mesh Machine transmission efficiency is perfect.
Cross wire spacing can be designed freely in the Galvanized Breed Aquatics Welded Wire Mesh Machine operating interface, and the Galvanized Breed Aquatics Welded Wire Mesh Machine operation is very simple, which can meet a variety of mesh spacing changes for one mesh, and it can meet the different requirements of customers.
The Galvanized Breed Aquatics Welded Wire Mesh Machine device with the function of safety protection can avoid the troubles when machine is working or cause of wrong operation by worker.

2-3.5mm Poultry Cage CE Welded Wire Mesh Machine Fully Automatic

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