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Full Auto Welded Wire Mesh Machine

  • Full Auto Welded Wire Mesh Machine

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Manufacturer of welded wire mesh panels, wire mesh fencing, cages and racks for the construction industry for any wire or rebar diameter.

Ideal for the noiseless production of steel welded wire mesh for concrete reinforcement, construction panels and security wire fencing in small areas.

Welded wire mesh panels are in high demand and consumed in construction for concrete reinforcement or panels in walls, floors, roofs and other building and construction applications.

With a welded wire mesh machine, you can participate in an unlimited market in many ways and in productivity time. There is no doubt that this is an investment with a high return on investment (ROI).

You can use drawn wire or wire coils of wire as a continuous wire input system for lengths of wire. For cross wires, you may need the wire straightening and cutting machines that we also offer. You can also adjust the welding electrodes (welding pins) to produce different mesh holes.

Technical Parameters of Welded Wire Mesh Machine


Wire Diameter:

Welding Speed:


Rated Capacity:

Mesh Width:

Rated Voltage:


Control System:

Cross Wire Space:

Long Wire Spacing::

High Light:

1 Year



Gracy And Yellow


Max 3000mm


Fence Machine Panel Machine

PLC Touch Screen



3D Fence Welded Wire Mesh Machine150KVA Welded Wire Mesh Machine150KVA Automatic Wire Mesh Machine

Full-Auto Online Bending 3D Fence Welded Wire Mesh Machine

1) The equipment adopts PLC programming control, and with humanized operation interface, which makes it easy to operate and master.
2) The adjustment of mesh specifications adopts an LCD touch screen, which makes it very easy to set all the production datum.
3) Both the operating system and numerical control servo system adopt internationally known brands. ( they have the international safety certification through testing and inspecting technically) They can ensure that equipment can be steady, secure and sensible to meet the welding requirement at a high speed.
4) Servo motor is controlled by pulse, which makes the grid error reduce to 0.1mm
5) The guide adopts linear rails, used with servo control together, which greatly improves the accuracy of the mesh.


The overhangs of meshes cut by this device are very short, which can save material costs for you. The length of the steel mesh can be arbitrarily settled by editing the production parameters to meet different needs. The cutting range of mesh width Is 2500mm. It can be adjusted according to user needs. The cutting speed of mesh is controlled by the PLCIt adopts pneumatic cutting with big pressure, which can easily cut 16 pcs wires with a diameter of 3-6mm.

Product Type

DNW-2500QFull-auto High-efficiency Type

Working speed max.


The width range of wire mesh

≤ 2500mm

Length range of wire mesh


Longitudinal wire spacing

≧100mm variable from mm it can be adjusted

Cross wire spacing

≧50mm Freely programming adjustments

Crosswire diameter


Max. welding capacity


Welding wire material

low carbon steel galvanized wire; cold drawn wire; Apply to clean wires whose surfaces are without excessive oxides, foreign matter, moisture

The number of maxes. welding spot


Longitudinal wire feeding method

pre-cut in

Cross wire feeding method

pre-cut in

Control method

PLC programming control, servo stepper system

Transformer power

160KVA*9 Cooling water: each transformer has a separate microcomputer

The Allowed Fluctuation Range for External Power


Air consumption pressure

0.6-0.8Mpa 3.4m³/minute

Applications of welded wire mesh machines

Our different models of welded wire mesh machines allow you to produce welded wire mesh panels or coils for.

- Concrete reinforcement.

- Cages (for chickens, dogs, farms, etc. ......)

- Wire mesh fences

- Construction panels.

- Machine racks.

- Platforms.

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Full Auto 150KVA Welded Wire Mesh Machine Online Bending 3D Fence

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