What Are the Applications for Crimped Wire Mesh?

Feb. 08, 2023

Crimped wire mesh is the most versatile and useful industrial product that is produced by interlinking several strands of metal wire made out of brass, copper, aluminum, carbon steel, bronze, titanium, pre-galvanized steel, or stainless steel.

Today's crimped wire mesh manufacturers design many styles of crimped wire mesh depending on the wire diameter, type of material, and the opening size of the raw material. These crimped wire meshes are designed in one of two ways.

  • Plain Woven or Direct Woven - this is a manufacturing method in which the wire is automatically formed into its shape and form during the weaving process. The plain-woven Crimped Wire Mesh is widely used in applications where small openings are required, such as window screens.

  • Pre-Curled Woven - In this process, individual wire is curled and shaped prior to the weaving operation. The pre-crimped wire is used to weave and produce a final product with openings up to 8 inches.

Double Crimp Plain Weave Screen

 Double Crimp Plain Weave Screen

Different Types of Crimps

  • Lock Crimps - A lock crimp usually consists of pre-crimped wires and is characterized by bumps and knuckles on all intersecting groups of wires. This helps to lock the mesh in place and makes it an extremely rigid and strong material suitable for a variety of industrial applications.

  • Double Crimp - Double crimped wire mesh with a warp pattern that passes below and above the filler wires.

  • Intercrimp - This is a crimped wire used primarily for architectural applications and screens. The intercrimp wire mesh offers the user greater stability and strength as well as a rigid wire solution.

  • Flat Top - This is a crimped wire mesh with a smoother top plane that effectively promotes the flow of material and is therefore widely used in filtration processes.

    Flat Top Screening

 Flat Top Screening

What are the Applications for Crimped Wire Mesh?

There is a wide range of applications for crimped wire mesh. However, there are different types of crimped wire mesh used for different applications. Here are some of the popular uses for crimped wire mesh.

For decorating the facades, walls, and ceilings of restaurants, hotels, cafes, and even homes.

The Micro Crimped Wire Mesh Manufacturers also design customized wire mesh for designing cages for birds and animals.

It can also be used for window screens, gutter guards, vibrating screens, and test sieves.

It also has wider applications in electronic security systems, space exploration and research, power generation, electronic information security, high-frequency scientific and medical equipment, and aviation.

Lock Crimp Weave Screen

Lock Crimp Weave Screen

It is also used in industries such as the filtration and sieving of powders, porcelain printing, china clay and glass, grain, and filtering of gases and liquids.

There is some heavy-duty crimped wire mesh used in coal, mining, crushers, wastewater treatment, construction, oil refining, food processing, and other industrial applications.

Light Crimped Wire Mesh is used mainly for small applications like barbecue grills, airport stations, stair guards, pig farming, and pharmaceuticals.

It is also used as an automotive mesh as it is widely used for ventilation and air intake, water tanks, air conditioning, and engines.

Full Automatic Crimping Mesh Machine

 Full Automatic Crimping Mesh Machine

How to Find the Best Crimped Wire Mesh Suppliers?

Well, the market is flooded with several Crimped Wire Mesh Suppliers, and choosing the right one is extremely essential to get the best Crimped Wire Mesh at affordable rates.

You need to understand that crimped wire mesh price lists vary from supplier to supplier and it is important to compare price lists before making a choice. This will help you get a cheaper deal on crimped wire mesh and save money. It is also important that you deal with a supplier that specializes in all types of crimped wire mesh.

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