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Self-Cleaning Mesh Mesh Type“RD-1”

  • Self-Cleaning Mesh Mesh Type“RD-1”

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The self-cleaning screen is made of high carbon steel wire, spring steel wire and stainless steel wire. It can provide effective solutions for difficult size and aggregate separation conditions, such as blind holes and clogging. Self-cleaning screens can separate and screen wet materials. It is widely used for separating materials in mining and quarrying industries.


The per-undulated wire, placed one next to the other form the aperture. this way the materials follow the direction fo one of the diagonals of the aperture. as the wirers are independent, the collisions pro- duced by the products cause the differences in the vibration the prevent the clogging of the fine prod- ucts between the wires. this type of mesh is the most used as it has the largest available percentage of screening surface. polyurethane or wired bands are used to keep in place the aperture of these meshes. the wired ones are used when the classification is done at higher temperatures than 80 like at the asphalt mixture plants.

Self-Cleaning Mesh Mesh Type“RD-1”

Performance features:

1. anti-clogging

2. Easy installation and quick maintenance.

3. High cost performance.

4. Acid and alkali resistant. 

5. High sieving rate and low clumping rate.

Main uses:

Self-cleaning screen is suitable for cleaning, screening and grading of various materials, and is an important part of various mainstream vibrating screens and trommel screens. In addition, the application areas are very wide, such as ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy (iron ore, manganese ore, lead-zinc ore, limestone, fluorite, cooling blast furnace slag, coke and other raw materials), construction materials, abrasive waste treatment, quarries, etc.

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