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Self-cleaning screens are a special type of screening media made of multiple individual wires or polyurethane material. Independent vibrations of the wires are generated at variable frequencies to provide a good self-shielding effect without clogging the mesh. Self-cleaning screens offer less clogging, longer wear life and higher screen efficiency than conventional screens. Due to these features, Self-cleaning screens are becoming more and more popular among customers in many industries.

ACE Mesh Machinery manufactures self-cleaning screens using high-strength steel wire mesh and stainless steel, available with or without polyurethane crossbands. With non-blind self-cleaning screens, the high quality surface provides accurate screening and sizing, especially where material is difficult to handle. For example, wet or sticky self-cleaning screens can also increase productivity while eliminating large unwanted flat pieces of material that contaminate the finished product.

Benefits of self-cleaning screens

Anti-clogging and anti-hooking

Accurate sizing

Increased wear life

Suitable for all types of moving and static screens


RD-1 self-cleaning screen: The per-undulated wire, placed one next to the other from the aperture. this way the materials follow the direction of one of the diagonals of the aperture. as the wires are independent, the collisions produced by the products cause the differences in the vibration that prevent the clogging of the fine products between the wires. Read more.

RD-2 self-cleaning screen: Another type of anticlogging meshes that keeps the same properties but adds a straight wire that avoids their abnormal separation in case of particulate wedging. This allows a very precise classification. Read more.

RD-3 self-cleaning screen: Its use is advisable when precision in the screening is needed and maximum production must be obtained. shore of hardness polyurethane bands that cover interior intertwined wires which are used to maintain the size of the aperture overall the mesh surface when the temperatures are under 80°c. Read more.

RD-4 self-cleaning screen: This type of mesh is advisable when the materials to be classified do not need any precision in the aperture size and the only objective is to separate rejected material. Also usable for very fine particle sizes and for longitudinal tension machines. Read more.

ACE Mesh Machinery can offer a full line of self-cleaning screens for screening applications with difficult-to-handle materials, especially wet or sticky materials in the middle and bottom decks. Common names for this type of screen are corrugated screens, anti-clogging screens, polyethylene vibrating screens, Agivibe screens, non-blinding screens, piano wire or vertical piano wire screens, etc.

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