Decorative Wire Mesh

Enhance your projects with decorative wire mesh. From kitchen cabinets to handcrafted furniture, our gorgeous decorative wire mesh options create a functional, stylish texture. Explore decorative wire mesh for cabinets, chair backs, drawer fronts, decorative screens and more.

decorative wire mesh can create unique aesthetics based on materials and finishes. Round, flat and square wire allows you to explore different designs. Add something truly exquisite to your home with decorative wire mesh made of brass, black, red brass, bronze, nickel, pewter, or silver.


Looking for an easy and affordable solution to upgrade, decorate or transform your space? Consider decorative wire mesh for decorative cabinets. ACE Mesh Machinery has countless styles in a variety of alloys, finishes, weaves and sizes. Browse the selection and learn why more and more homeowners are choosing decorative wire mesh panels for their cabinets.

Benefits of using decorative wire mesh for cabinet doors

decorative wire mesh is a top choice for cabinets because it is visually appealing, translucent, light-transmitting and easy to DIY.


Decorative wire mesh is visually appealing

decorative wire mesh is available in many designer-approved patterns and finishes. Whether you use it for kitchen cabinets, freestanding dining room buffets, media consoles, sideboards or bathroom cabinets, this metal decorative piece is sure to enhance the beauty of your space.

Translucent and light-translucent

The decorative mesh comes in a variety of weaves and opening sizes, with varying degrees of transparency. Some allow you to see inside the cabinet without opening it, while most are translucent, which means lighting can pass through. With this in mind, you can install small battery-powered lights or strips inside the frame to enhance your existing lighting for an upscale appeal.


Metal mesh is usually easy to work with, making it a top choice for do-it-yourself home upgrades. It can be cut to size with tin snips or heavy-duty scissors. Once the existing facade is removed from your cabinet doors, installing the wire mesh with glue or an industrial stapler is a relatively simple process.

Other uses for decorative wire mesh

Over the past century, woven wire mesh has transformed from a basic manufacturing staple to a versatile material with endless creative applications. In addition to cabinetry, decorative wire mesh is used in innovative furniture design, architectural decoration, room dividers, lamps, sconces and fireplace screens - to name just a few.

Mesh for garden and landscaping

Netting is a must for gardening and landscaping enthusiasts. This material is used to protect plants and promote their growth in a variety of ways, including mezzanines, vegetable cages, arches, trellises, gabion planter walls, and more. It is also a top choice for pest and rodent control solutions.

Wire mesh for construction, DIY projects and more

Whether indoors or out, decorative wire mesh is perfect for any home decor, craft, DIY or construction project. It can be used in a variety of unexpected places. DIYers use it for stair railings, custom light fixtures, partition walls and more.

Buy decorative wire mesh for cabinet doors and more from ACE Mesh Machinery.

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