Crimped Wire Mesh Machinery

Do you produce crimp nets for mining?

Are you in the mining and oil industry market?

Do you supply screens on a regular basis?

Our crimped wire mesh machine is perfect for the manufacture of all crimped screens in the mining industry (especially coal, sand and stone) and for all applications where screens are needed for screening, shaking or sieving. With our machine models, you can produce fine (crimped) and heavy-duty screens and you will conquer the market with a very low price and without employees in various measures.


- 100% automatic

- No operator is required

- Perfect quality

- High production speed

- Lower production costs

- It produces various sizes (square, rectangular, flat, special, self-cleaning, etc. ......)

- High productivity (higher throughput)

- Can respond to new and more demanding markets

Products that can be produced

Mesh for siftings

Screen mesh in rolls of different calibers

Conveyor belts


ACE Mesh Machinery can order online or contact us through any of our methods according to your needs and receive the machine according to your specifications.

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